Episode 5: Interview- Optimize performance through precision biomarker analysis with InsideTracker

In this episode of The IREP Triathlon Podcast, Coach K talks with Mike Tarnapoll from InsideTracker (www.InsideTracker.com).  They cover Coach K's battle with low testosterone and touch on symptoms and recommendations on how to boost testosterone levels.  Additionally, they cover other bio-markers that endurance athletes should focus on their blood panels.

Every athlete should have at least one blood test a year.  Use code IREPATHLETICS at checkout and you will receive 10% off of your test.

If you have questions about your results or the testing process please connect with colin@irepathletics.com or Mike at mtarnapoll@insidetracker.com. If you're looking to reminiscence about Triathlon shoot Mariah Bridges an email at mbridges@insidetracker.com