I.R.E.P. Endurance Coaching Packages: 

Utilizing years of review of scientific research a customized program will be developed for each individual to meet their specific needs and goals. Whether you are aiming to finish your first 5k to making the podium at Ironman Kona we will work together on designing a plan for you. At I.R.E.P we believe that every athlete regardless of ability, event, distance or goals requires our full attention. 

Road Running 5k- Ultradistance Marathon, Short to Long Course triathlon, Cycling Mountain, criterium, Road Racing

Special Event/Lifestyle Preparation – Tactical Athlete, Hunters, Obstacle Course Racing

Endurance Training starts at $250/month with a one time $50.00 on-boarding fee,  with customized levels of service that are designed to meet individuals particular budget and needs:

Options include:

  • Basic or Premium Training Peaks Account – Workouts are analyzed and programming is set at a Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly rate as needed to best the suit athlete’s needs

  • Workout data analysis and feedback Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly

  • Scheduling and adjustments based around YOUR schedule AS NEEDED

  • Customized Strength Training, Core development and Dynamic Mobility plan

  • Lactic Threshold Power and/or Heart rate testing for clients using HR or Power

  • V02 Max Testing

  • Heart rate and Power level zone assignment and evaluation

  • Annual Training Plan Development

  • Race Execution Planning

  • Strength and Conditioning/ Mobility Screen Session (video analysis in person for local athletes)

  • Gait analysis (delivered video or in person for local athletes)

  • Functional Movement Screen

  • Unlimited contact through Training Peaks/Email and Phone calls as needed

For Do It Yourself Training Plans visit: www.TheTrainingPlanSource.com