IREP Injury Prevention and Management Packaging: 

Unfortunately, through-out the course of our daily endeavors and athletic pursuits we begin to develop imbalances, compensations, bad habits, or even have the catastrophic moment that leads to the development of an injury.  This programming is designed to help the athlete dealing with an issue that is preventing them from competing at their highest level. 

These programs start at $200.00/month with a one time $50.00 on-boarding fee, are custom designed to fit the needs of each individual athlete, and include:

  • Basic or Premium Training Peaks Account – Workouts are analyzed and programming is set weekly or as needed to best suit athlete needs (for athletes that would like to have Training Peaks Premium features they can self-pay with applicable fees or add $10 to their monthly fee)

  • Fitness Screening/Functional Movement Screening

  • Speed, Power, Endurance, and Strength Testing

  • Programs designed to develop SAFE training practices

  • Programs are developed to teach and perfect form and eliminate bad habits

  • Programs are developed to prevent future injuries

  • Individualized Sport Specific Programing

  • Custom Periodization so Athletes Peak at the Right Times

  • Off-Season, Pre-Season, and In-Season Programs Optimized to Create and Maintain Gains in Performance