How we Began

IREP Athletics started as a way for two former exercise science and sports medicine professionals to return to their passion of training athletes while being professional educators full time.  IREP has since grown in breadth and scope onboarding new coaches with not only coaching certification and experience but expertise in engineering and nutrition.


What we believe

IREP believes in blending researched based principles and techniques, state of the art software analysis and good old fashioned in your face coaching methods to pull the best performance out of each and every athlete.

Where we are going

IREP Athletics continues it’s trend of success in the online coaching space by developing athlete performance year after year. IREP Athletes perennially surpass benchmarks and grow towards their true genetic potential.  IREP Athletics is developing more ways to share it’s expertise by developing methods to spotlight the coaches philosophies, theories and strategies on world class athlete development .


Looking for Great Coaching

Scott and Anthony helped me cut my half marathon time by 20 minutes in one year while I worked two jobs and spent time with my family and friends. They know how to maximize time and still get a great return. You will sweat, hurt and meet your goals if you are willing to participate, not spectate!!!!!" - Jim, Cincinnati OH

3rd Overall!

"I recently finished 3rd overall in my first show for the Men’s Physique Competition at the Kentucky Natural. A huge thanks to IREP Athletics, friends, and family for all the support! I could not have done it without you guys. A special thanks to the IREP Coaches all they have done as I couldn’t have been more driven without you."-Evan, Cincinnati, OH

Your fitness goals are within your reach!